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Testing of a mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation units.

Standards for testing:

LST EN 13141-7:2011. Ventilation for buildings – Performance testing of components/products for residential ventilation. Internal and external leakage determination using pressure and tracer gas methods.

LST EN 1886:2008. Ventilation for buildings – Air handling units – Mechanical performance. Testing of air handling units, which are supplying and/or extracting air via a duct-work ventilating/conditioning a part or the whole of the building.

LST EN 308:2001. Heat exchangers – Test procedures for establishing performance of air to air and flue gases heat recovery devices.

LST EN 15727:2010. Ventilation for buildings. Ducts and ductwork components, leakage classification and testing.

We have possibility to measure leakage from 0,06 m3/hour to 65 m3/hour.